Partner Connection: Paul FEIN & THE GROSZ FAMILY FARM

Paul Fein


Dear “Partner” Paul,

We are really excited to introduce you to the Grosz Family. Farmers and small business with which you were so generous in partnering up by helping to provide the tools they need to grow and thrive.  Your help leads to further prosperity, not only for their family but to the communities of Judea and Samaria as a whole. Because only through “Economic Zionism” can we affect real change on the ground.



Thank you again Israel and for taking part in the building and strengthening of Judea and Samaria though “Economic Zionism”.


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We are redefining the next generation of Zionism, or what we call “Economic Zionism”.

Bikurim is a vehicle of partnership between you, lover and supporter of Israel, and the family-run small business owners who are responsible for pumping the lifeblood throughout the region and into these communities. Through this partnership, we will generate strength, self-sustainability, and growth, effecting real and measurable change in both the short-term and for generations to come.