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Today, we are redefining how the world unites to take part in this next generation of Zionism, or what we call “Economic Zionism”. Partnering with and supporting family-run small business owners, who are pumping the lifeblood throughout the region and into the communities, will directly empower them to generate strength, self-sustainability, and growth.

This page is dedicated to all of those throughout the globe who support Judea and Samaria through Bikurim (First Fruits). 

We thank you, we appreciate you, and are stronger with you by our side.


“Partner” investors

Sam - Israel

Bruce - Oregon USA

Susana - Oregon, USA

Sage - Colorado USA

Korrin - Ohio USA

Stephen - Penn. USA

Amy - South Africa

Israel - Toronto, Canada

Cena & Yakov - AL USA

Lisa - Penn, USA

Julie - Zichron Yaacov, Israel

Anthony - Canada

Anthony - Israel

Neil - FL, USA

Paul - NYC, USA


Ben - USA

Carolyn - Israel

Daniel - Missouri USA

Eileen - NJ USA

Gordon - Canada

Karma - Israel

Jake - AZ USA

Lisa - MD USA

Rob - Australia

Scott - NY USA

Shelly - TX USA

Tamera - Netherlands

Zahava - Israel

Michael - Germany

Tracy - WA USA

Mark - Chicago USA

Kim - AL USA

Cheryl - MI USA

Smadar - NY USA

Elana - Efrat, Israel

Edward - CA, USA

Melissa - AL, USA

Ian - Doddington, UK

Shane - South Africa

Yehudis - Israel

Smadar - NY, USA


Sandy - CA, USA

Jack - NYC, USA


Alisa - FL USA

Rhonda - AL USA

Hinda - NJ USA

Dan - FL USA

Barak - Israel

Barbara - Zichron Yaakov, Israel

Bijan Simhai - USA

Abraham - Monsey, NY

Corin - LA, CA

Harvey - NY, NY

Vern & Julie - Saskatchewan, CA

Romuald - Canada

Cal Lippin z"l

Keiywo - Kenya

Lidia - Indonesia

Bijan - USA

David - MN, USA

Gene - USA

Harvey - NY, USA

John - VA, USA

Laura - USA

Lee - Canada

Marie-Anne - Netherlands

Rebecca - AL, USA

Rupert - SA

Philip Landau - Israel

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Your support will further transform the dreams of so many generations into a reality for our children in the future.

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