WATCH: Wake up & Smell the Roses – Not Just a B&B in a Greenhouse…

The older pioneers of the region of Judea and Samaria are beginning to get to retirement age. What they sacrificed for and built throughout their lives is now being passed on to the next generation. And with this transfer, new perspectives, new possibilities, and new dreams are being realized.

WATCH (1:45): Not in Kansas, but Ancient Shilo…Hope You Like Corn?

Bikurim is an evolution from yesterday’s philanthropy to the new generation of philanthropic investment called “Economic Zionism”. For the first time, people throughout the globe are taking part in equipping the family-run small business owners with the tools they need for growth and self-sustainability. Because when they thrive, we further solidify our place in our ancestral homeland. Become a monthly contributor. Pick up the pen with us and become an author of one of the most beautiful and biblical stories ever written; The return of the Jewish people to their land after 2000 years of exile.

WATCH: The Pioneers of Old Are Still With Us Yoday

The Gross Family show us that farming is not about pushing ones will on the land, instead, it is about the land’s relationship with man. In today’s modern world of tech, Netflix, and social media, it is amazing to see that the pioneers of old are still with us today.

WATCH: Covid Closures Gives Boost to Winery

JOIN US TODAY Facebook Youtube Twitter Whatsapp JOIN US – BECOME A MEMBER Facebook Youtube WATCH: Covid Closures Gives Boost to Psagot Winery Tourism This is “Economic Zionism”•No politics•No nonsense•Just building beautiful WATCH: Covid Closures Gives Boost to WineryWhen Na’ama and Yaakov Berg decided actualize their dream by building the new *Psagot Winery* and Tourism center […]