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The Bikurim story began in 2008 when the call to delegitimize and dehumanize the Jewish people of Judea and Samaria was taking shape. As the UN, EU, and organizations like the BDS were calling for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Judea, they created a ‘call to action’. Something that supporters of this cyclical mission could all get behind. Their focus became the boycotts and mislabeling products coming from “occupied territory”. Their goal was to choke off and close down the lifeline of these communities.

As lovers and “actionists” for Israel, couple Gedaliah and Elisheva decided to respond and promote the businesses which were being targeted. The problem? there was no list. So the couple made one. 

Fast-forward to today, the couple created the only all-inclusive business list called Dapei Katom, “the Orange Pages”, which lists more than 3000 individual businesses. 

Bikurim is now an evolution, a revolution, from the local work this couple has been engaged in. For the first time, people throughout the globe can take part in this “call to action”. To march under one banner and bolster the economic situation within Judea and Samaria. Not only as a response to our detractors, but to further reestablish the Jewish people’s place within our ancestral homeland, for today, and for generations to come. 




Director of Development –  Leads development, marketing, and strategy. As an immigrant to Israel back in 2004, Gedaliah always saw his place in Israeli society as someone who can change the facts on the ground, to make a big impact. Through this outlook, Bikurim was created. His focus is on creating value for all parties; the listed businesses, consumers, and the communities of Judea and Samaria.



Responsible for client relations, sales, marketing and administration. Elisheva’s philosophy centers around building strong people-to-people relationships. Although she works with thousands of individual business owners, each one has its own dreams for the future. Elisheva seeks to understand each one on their own in order to be a true partner in their work.


Lead Designer

Ayalah is Bikurim‘s lead designer and is responsible for creating eCommerce websites and general websites for the businesses of Judea and Samaria. Many times, these are the first time these businesses are promoting and selling online. Her professionalism and expertise make it a joy for the businesses to work one-on-one with her.



Lives in Kibbutz Almog. A Bezalel graduate and with a lot of love for aesthetics, art, design, and news, I am happy to be part of the wonderful and important team of Orange Pages!

Menachem Shechter

Dir of

CEO of Ben Zachai Agency, Menachem is an outsourced technology director but one can never tell by his enthusiasm for the mission of Bikurim. He is hands-on and an integral part of the team. He ensures that the technology he built is working at the highest levels.


Marketing Strategist

Director of Design and Marketing and partner of Ben Zachai Agency, Michal’s expertise in design and UX was an integral part of the creation of the new platform. As the new site is working, she is responsible for constantly testing and upgrading features to achieve the best outcomes.

Meital Ben Zikry


Meital is very versatile and driven. With a background in design and tech, she is an integral part of the team. She supports both Elisheva and Ayalah.  



Alisa is an integrated philanthropy expert. She is a founding member of a coalition for blacks & Jews in Charleston following the Crown Heights riot in 1991 and sat on the city council. Alisa has always been driven by two things: “Building Community” and “Teaching Tolerance”. When not working, she is creating art & making friends from her new home in South Florida.



Serves as the North East Director of Herut North America where she helps plan Zionist educational events and edits and writes content for Herut newsletters and op-eds. She lives in Southeastern Pennsylvania with her husband, Andy, two teenage children, Hannah and Sam, and two Ragdoll cats, Meesh-Meesh and Cali.




A successful entrepreneur and business executive with nearly 40 years experience in the legal, financial, and information technology industries. Mr. Solomon participates as an investor in a number of enterprise software, medical device, and internet-based companies. He is actively involved in a number of philanthropic activities and boards.



Former Chief of Staff for PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Ari is currently CEO and founder of Sheyaan Consulting. As a private sector political consultant and strategist, Ari leads a team of experts at Sheyaan to deliver innovative and impactful grassroots campaigns across the world. Ari Grew up in Samaria and is a great supporter of First Fruit’s mission.



Former Director of the Israel office of  The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA). Jeff has 18 years of Israel advocacy experience lobbying Knesset and the Israeli people to Congress.  Jeff continues to stress these priorities in his pro-Israel work with his deep involvement with Legal Grounds/The Campaign to Promote Israel’s Rights, and The International Committee for the Preservation of Har Hazeitim (Mt. of Olives), First Fruits, as well as a number of other initiatives.



A Fellow & Director of the Project to Counter Political Warfare and BDS at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA). He has authored numerous books on the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions BDS Crusade. Diker is also a research
fellow at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism, IDC Herzelia. Dan Diker also served as Secretary-General of the World Jewish Congress, representing the official Jewish communities in 100 countries.



Founder of “Shivuk Motzre Yesha”, a service delivering products from Judea and Samaria throughout Israel. Natanel has been part of the Dapei Katom family for over 10 years. As owner and operator of a chain of stores within Judea and Samaria, Natanel understands the needs of the small business. He has been extremely helpful to First Fruits

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