Partner Connection: Galia Ach & John Nanasi

John Nanasi


Dear “Partner” John,

We are really excited to introduce you to Galia Ach, Director of a Speech therapy clinic located in Eli situated between the ancient Jewish capital of Shilo and the modern capital of the Shomron, Ariel. 

It’s important to note that with a growing Jewish population where the average number of children per family is over 4, we have a lot of kids. And with all young populations, a percentage of them develop speech issues. In our developing region, options for help are generally more than 45 minutes away. 

As a partner with Galia, we will make sure that her clinic grows and is positioned to become a widely known, successful, and accessible location. 

Brick by brick, small business by small business, we are seeing the reestablishment of our ancestral homeland happen before our eyes. 

Thank you again for your partnership and for picking up the pen with us in writing this most beautiful story.

Thank you again Israel and for taking part in the building and strengthening of Judea and Samaria though “Economic Zionism”.


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