WATCH: The pioneers of old are still with us today

The Gross Family show us that farming is not about pushing ones will on the land, instead, it is about the land’s relationship with man. In today’s modern world of tech, Netflix, and social media, it is amazing to see that the pioneers of old are still with us today.

The Gross Family Organic Farm is supported by Bikurim “Partner” Paul Fein from NY. THANK YOU PAUL!!!!

With Paul’s monthly contribution, the Gross family farm not only receives a subsidy to develop their first eCommerce website, but now has people they can rely on to help and to have their best interests at heart.

When they succeed, they grow. They hire more people, and they further plant their roots within Israel’s heartland. This is the mission of Bikurim. to build Israel’s heartland together through “Economic Zionism”

Here in this video, we see and hear what happens when those who work the land love and respect it. That “Organic” is not just a label, but it is a mindset. It defines the relationship the Gross Family has with the land of Israel.

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Thank you and G-d Bless Israel, the Jewish people, and all our friends.

Gedaliah Blum
Co-Founder Bikurim: Building Israel’s Heartland through “Economic Zionism”
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