WATCH: Covid Closures Gives Boost to Psagot Winery Tourism

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WATCH: Covid Closures Gives Boost to Winery
When Na’ama and Yaakov Berg decided actualize their dream by building the new *Psagot Winery* and Tourism center located in Sha’ar Binyamin, just minutes north of Jerusalem, not in their wildest dreams did they ever think that when the doors were ready to open, a global pandemic would hit.
With full lockdowns, no visitors or tourists, the couple stood within the walls of one of Israel’s newest and most beautiful wineries…EMPTY, wondering what will be with their dreams of having thousands of guests.
As they say, “Man plans and G-d laughs”. and this is precisely what happened in this case. What if we were to tell you that they are booked solid despite no “Tourists”.
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