Partner Connection: DAWN YONAH & HEDVA LEVI

Dawn Yonah

Jerusalem, Israel

Dear “Partner” Dawn,

We are really excited to introduce you to Hedva Levi, a coach and trainer whole like work is to enrich other people’s lives.  You were so generous in partnering up by helping to provide the tools she need to grow and thrive and help more people. Thank you. Your help leads to further prosperity, not only for her and her family but also the communities of Judea and Samaria as a whole. Because only through “Economic Zionism” can we affect real change on the ground.


Chedva in English means Joy, is married with 7 children, one of which made her a new grandma.

She lives and works in the town of Neria, in the Binyamin region not far from Modiin if you know the area.

Chedva runs and manages a coaching program for life coaches, teaching skills on how to  “turn your coaching hobby into a business”. She is also an expert business consultant in the field of training and therapy.

Not only will you be helping her, but we are looking to further integrate her expertise into the  Bikurim business community. So you can say that your partnership with Chedva is a partnership with so many more.

We ask Chedva to give us a quote, something close to her heart, a core belief…

“I believe ours is a generation of redemption, and the next step is connecting the spiritual with the physical. The highest life mission must be paired with the practical business world, in order to be able to make an impact in the best way possible.


Thank you again Israel and for taking part in the building and strengthening of Judea and Samaria though “Economic Zionism”.


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We are redefining the next generation of Zionism, or what we call “Economic Zionism”.

Bikurim is a vehicle of partnership between you, lover and supporter of Israel, and the family-run small business owners who are responsible for pumping the lifeblood throughout the region and into these communities. Through this partnership, we will generate strength, self-sustainability, and growth, effecting real and measurable change in both the short-term and for generations to come.