Partner Connection: Tzofiya Gilber & Shani Shtrenger /

Neil Becker

Neil Becker

Boca Raton, FL

Dear “Partner” Neil,

We are really excited to introduce you to the brothers-run small business with which you were so generous in partnering up by helping to provide the tools they need to grow and thrive.  Your help leads to further prosperity, not only for their family but to the communities of Judea and Samaria as a whole. Because only through “Economic Zionism” can we affect real change on the ground.

As you may know, returning to the land of Israel comes with those souls of the past who only, in their wildest dreams, could image themselves living a fulfilling life within the land of Israel. And with that being said, we have 2 amazing women who decided to focus all of their efforts on building an event planning business. Normally a crowded space, but in Judea and Samaria, as each family is having above-average children, and we are coming into the 4th generation back in this land, there is a lot of potential to grow a thriving business. 

Their names are Shani and Tzofiya. They are both from Shilo…in fact, Shani used to work for the Ancient Shilo site inviting guests and making events. So here, she is able to go on her own, with her partner and put their own “Twist” on this work…that is the name of their business. 

We have known them for years and know them to be very capable people. People who’s hearts are in creating simcha/happiness in people’s lives. A perfect match for them.
With your help Neil, they are able to create new branding, website, and promotion.

Thank you again Israel and for taking part in the building and strengthening of Judea and Samaria though “Economic Zionism”.


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We are redefining the next generation of Zionism, or what we call “Economic Zionism”.

Bikurim is a vehicle of partnership between you, lover and supporter of Israel, and the family-run small business owners who are responsible for pumping the lifeblood throughout the region and into these communities. Through this partnership, we will generate strength, self-sustainability, and growth, effecting real and measurable change in both the short-term and for generations to come.