Imagine opening up a business in the middle of nowhere

Imagine opening up a business in the middle of nowhere. You would have to be completely out of your mind, or perhaps a visionary…or maybe just a little of both.

Watch the video below to meet the Lavie family who is doing just that…

Thank you to Sam & Meryl of Bait Zayit, Israel for becoming their “Partner” enabling them to build the online tools they need to help fulfill their vision for transforming the region.

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We are redefining the next generation of Zionism, or what we call “Economic Zionism”.

Bikurim is a vehicle of partnership between you, lover and supporter of Israel, and the family-run small business owners who are responsible for pumping the lifeblood throughout the region and into these communities. Through this partnership, we will generate strength, self-sustainability, and growth, effecting real and measurable change in both the short-term and for generations to come.