Partner Connection: SHMUEL & MOshe

Shmuel Solomon

Beit Zayit, Israel

Dear “Partner” Shmuel,

We are really excited to introduce you to the family-run small business owner with which you were so generous in partnering up by helping to provide the tools they need to grow and to thrive. Both leading to prosperity, not only for their family, to the communities of Judea and Samaria as a whole. Because only through “Economic Zionism” can we affect real change on the ground.
As you know, building in the land of Israel is not only a mitzvah but is a dream of so many generations passed. On top of that, even now, there are millions of people who wish to have this dream fulfilled today. And this is where your “Partner” comes in, Moshe Levi, construction manager in the Shomron. That is right, every year, with every house he build, it becomes another dream fulfilled for the family who will make it their home, and again, fulfilling the dreams of so many in the past.

Moshe lives in the town of Kiryat Netufim in the Shomron and is active in building in the area. Building homes for his future neighbors.

Moshe is very excited about taking his promotion to the next level with professional designed and published e-guides in order to not only gain interest in his services, but to help people in navigating the process of building a home. Most people only do this once in their life, so best to connect to someone they could trust and rely on. This is what Moshe aims to achieve, the ability to help and gain the credibility he should be credited for. 

Thank you again Shmuel and for taking part in the building and strengthening of Judea and Samaria though “Economic Zionism”. 

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We are redefining the next generation of Zionism, or what we call “Economic Zionism”.

First Fruits is a vehicle of partnership between you, lover and supporter of Israel, and the family-run small business owners who are responsible for pumping the lifeblood throughout the region and into these communities. Through this partnership, we will generate strength, self-sustainability, and growth, effecting real and measurable change in both the short-term and for generations to come.